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Anne Klein Womens AK-1980WTRG

By: Anne Klein

  • White/Rose goldtone
  • Self-adjustable
  • Jewelry clasp closure
  • Genuine diamond at 12 position
  • Mother of pearl dial

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Rose gold, however, has quite a different symbolic valence. Deliberately adulterated, it is gold that has an inclination to be something else. Rose gold is perverse. Unlike yellow gold—but like its cooler cousin, white gold, which is an alloy with nickel or manganese that has also risen and declined in popularity throughout the years—rose gold is subject to the vagaries of fashion. The desire it stimulates is inherently temporary. In rose gold, a substance of enduring value is transformed into a consumer item with the half-life of all things modish. Rose gold is decadent. It is gold for people who already have enough gold gold.

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