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Casio G-SHOCK – The Toughest Collection of Men’s Sports Watches on the Planet

The G-SHOCK was created and soon earned the label as the toughest sports watch in the entire world. Because it’s launch, this and it is fundamental design has perhaps not changed much in over 25 years.

The G-SHOCK can take several knocks and could be compressed, dropped, frozen, submersed in water, struck with a hammer and never be any, the worse for wear. This makes the G-SHOCK an ideal foil for the outdoors man who can’t wait to find their next adventure!

Casio G-SHOCK - The Toughest Collection of Men's Sports Watches on the Planet

In today’s world, the Casio engineers have added brand new technology to G-SHOCK watches, including solar power recharging of the battery. Now the G-SHOCK lasts even longer and odds are, you’ll never require to replace the battery pack in the time of the watch. Solar energy abilities also have provided increase to a number of new energy hungry functions in the watch, making the Casio G-Shock more feature-rich than in the past.

Another Casio technology addition is radio-control self-adjustments, meaning the Casio G-SHOCK watches receive signals from Fort Collins Colorado and automatically calibrate themselves to American Standard Time. The auto-calibration service comes in most of European countries also Japan and China.

The outside features of the watch include a thermometer and barometer, plus a Tide/Moon graph display built in. Sports features include a stopwatch and countdown timer, and standard watch features are EL backlight or Light-emitting Diode light, 12/24 hour formats, World some time Auto-Calendar.

Casio’s “tough” watch comes in a wide variety of designs and these men’s sports watches feature many color schemes in both contemporary and retro styles. In terms of looks, you will likely be spoiled for choice and can rest assured you’ll be pushed to not find a Casio G-SHOCK sports watch which will suit your tastes and needs.

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