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There were some incredible watches, both formal and sport, plus some downright ugly ones (and even a $35,000 robot-shaped clock). Watches don’t have seasonal cycles as fashion does, but every year trends do emerge. They can be as simple as a popular dial color (or two) or as complex as a genuine innovation in technology—no small feat, considering the basics are about 400 years old.

New Trends

Tips on Buying Rolex Watches Online

Rolex Watches are Extremely Popular among People

Living in this modern society, there are many people nowadays would like to present themselves with some luxury items to highlight their personal images wherever they are. The luxurious items, such as sunglasses, handbags, perfumes are most of people would like to choose to ...

Woman's Watches-Ideal Gift for Your Wife or Girlfriend

Woman’s Watches-Ideal Gift for Your Wife or Girlfriend

A gift from the heart would surely brighten up even the darkest days. You don’t have to spend a fortune but simply let someone know you are caring about them. If you are shopping for a surprise gift for that special someone, a nice classy watch can be your first choice ...

The Semiotics of Rose Gold

The Semiotics of Rose Gold with Watches

The announcement, a week ago, that, using its new generation of iPhones, Apple will be offering a model that was “rose gold” in color made the news headlines it was meant to: “The internet has lost its damn mind about the new pink iPhone,” read Buzzfeed’s headline. The phone ...

Apple poaches Swiss watch exec for iWatch launch

Apple poaches Swiss watch exec for iWatch launch

Apple has hired the sales director of luxury Swiss watch maker TAG Heuer to help with the launch of their new iWatch, because the technology group intend on using the prestigious “Swiss made” label to market its new gadget, the pinnacle of LVMH’s watch bran ...

Skagen Watches - For Men and women (2)

Skagen Watches – For Men and women

The brand tries to incorporate much of its styles from practical items rather than becoming monotonic with typical watch designs. These sophisticated watches are accessible for many rich and typical class persons too as for young and old. The brand provides superior and beau ...

Citizen Watches for each and every Occasion

Citizen Watches as a gift?

Interested in a great present for the next birthday? Perhaps your spouse is gunning for a big promotion and requirements to check his best at the company holiday party? Maybe your granddaughter is graduating from college, and you intend to give her a gift that she will reall ...

Men???s Watches for the Adventurer

Men’s Watches for the Adventurer

Men with a rugged, adventurous sense of style require a watch that can take the wear and tear that accompany those who work and play hard. Forget sparkly diamond accents and platinum bands. Manly guys need manly watches, built of heavy duty materials and built for performanc ...