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Fine Replica Watch

1. Why Purchase a replica watch?

There are many answers to this question. Most people would buy a replica because they want to look good, but simply can’t afford to spend a lot on a watch. Other people already have a real watch but want to purchase something identical so they can wear it without having to worry about it being damaged or lost. Some just simply are collectors who want to have a wide variety of watches to display.

2. Are all replica watches on the Internet the same?

This is a very common question… no they aren’t all the same! There are currently many levels of replicas. Starting with the Quartz replicas, which are seen in flea-markets and big cities. Then moving on to the Asian Replicas which are a bit more expensive but yet not too great. The Japanese replicas are the most affordable watches on the market these days. For the quality you will be receiving, it’s impossible to pay less… you will be surprised by quality of these watches. Italian Replicas are also very good, they are mostly made out of expensive materials such as solid gold and platinum but the quality and movement isn’t as good as the Swiss replicas. These watches are the overall best replicas and the craftsmanship is outstanding. Perfect detailing and these will last you for a life-time!

Fine Replica Watch

3. How thick is the gold on your watches and will it fade?

Our High End Japan made watches are plated with 6 to 8 microns thick. They will only start to fade with aggressive wear. Our Swiss watches are 18k Triple Wrapped or Solid Gold, so they won’t fade at all.

4. How long will your watches last?

This is kind of like asking how long a car will last. It all depends on how you use it. If you put wear and tear on it regularly by driving and using it frequently and in rugged situations, or in this case wear the watch the same way, it won’t last as long as if, say, you used it at times that you could treat it with care. If so, our watches will last at least a few years. Our Swiss watches will last a lifetime!

5. Are all of the proper engravings on your watches?

Yes! This is what makes our watches so practical, especially our Swiss watches!

6. How Do I Wind My Watch?

On men’s self winding Rolex replica style replica watches, unscrew the stem until it is loose and pops out, then wind clockwise (away from you) for three to five minutes.

7. How Do I Set My Watch?

On men’s self winding Rolex replica watches, unscrew the stem until it is loose then pull slightly twice then turn clockwise until the Time desired appears on the watch.

8. How Do I Change the Date?

On men’s self winding Rolex replica watches, unscrew the stem until it is loose then pull slightly then turn clockwise until the date desired appears in the date window. On Ladies self winding Rolex replica watches, unscrew the stem until it is loose then turn counter-clockwise until the date desired appears in the date window. All of the self winding replica watches that we sell come with a “quick set” and “double quick set”

9. How Do I Adjust the Band?

Some bands come with pins some with screws. If you are not sure about the procedure take it to any watch shop and they should be able to do it for a nominal fee, usually $5 to $10.

10. Where can I get Replacement Parts?

Most small watch repair shops have access to a movement that will match the case of your watch. If you have trouble finding one we can help — email us. We also can sell you a replacement band, bezels and the like for a small fee — email us.

11. Where Can I Get My Watch Serviced?

If ever needed, you can get your watch serviced at many little repair shops around the town you live in. We heard stories about shops that would not work on them or couldn’t find parts. Chances are there are more that WILL work on the watch than not. Many of our watches contain Miyaco Japan movements, which is the same movement used in authentic Citizen watches.

How much Will it Cost Me? It will cost approximately $40.00 to replace the movement with a new one. New gold plating will cost between $30.00 and $40.00. You can have your watch silicon sealed to avoid water damage for about $20.00 at many small watch repair shops.12. What if there is a particular watch or watch trait I would like but do not see pictured?

If you want a different variation on a watch that you see on our site, or if you don’t see the watch you were hoping to find at all, then you can request a product by calling our toll-free number and asking if that product is available on the market. If it is, it will be our pleasure to get it for you.

13. Why purchase from you when I’ve seen prices lower than yours on other sites?

There are other sites out there with lower prices. When we see this, we begin to wonder what they’re leaving out. Often times, the quality of their watches is lower. Because there is more than one different grade of watches available, sites are able to make it look like they carry the better deal by stocking a lower quality watch. So, having 30-40 suppliers, as some sites tend to state, doesn’t make a difference. To be more specific, one difference between our watches and those of the sites that fall under this category is that the markings on our watches are exceptionally accurate. Other replicas tend to have markings that consist of blocky letters on the faces and/or backings. Another difference is that the lower quality watches weigh a lot less because they are made of cheaper metals. They also have movements that consist of inexpensive parts that break down after a few months.

Sometimes it’s not just the case that a site has a lower quality watch for cheaper, but that they won’t actually ship out the same type of watch they have advertised. It is a hard truth to accept that a site could actually do this to people, but we have seen it happen time and time again. Because the Internet is so impersonal, if a business were to be crooked in this way, this is where they would do it. As we mention all the time, be suspicious of a site that won’t give you a return policy, and be suspicious in general for a site that may offer one and simply won’t follow up on their word. You can’t foresee this, but at least be the most cautious you can by only dealing with a website that has an established business name.

14. Why does my automatic Rolex replica stop ticking and losing time?

When you first receive your automatic replica, you need to wind it for 1 minute (approx. 60 seconds) straight before wearing it. If you wear it everyday, it will continue to wind itself on your wrist when you move around and walk. If you stop wearing it for more than approximately 2 days, the watch will need to be reset, but will then automatically wind itself once you start wearing it again. The disadvantage to this is pretty clear. Your watch doesn’t keep time if you don’t wear it constantly. The advantages are that you don’t ever have to replace a battery, the watch keeps great time when it’s running, and most of all, this type of movement is exactly what the original Rolexes use! If your Automatic is losing or gaining time in a 24 hour period the watch needs to be adjusted. All of our automatics have an adjustment screw on the movement just like the originals. Any local jeweler can service these watches.

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