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Luminox Evo seal logo strap 23/24mm

By: Luminox

  • fits 23 and 24mm
  • Luminox logo velcro band
  • fits 3955,3959,3951,3957,3953
  • 30 mm Wide overall

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Product Description

Luminox Evo seal logo strap 24mm replacement wide logo band for the 3955,3959,3951,3957,3953 luminox evo seal watch


  • fits 23 and 24mm
  • Luminox logo velcro band
  • fits 3955,3959,3951,3957,3953
  • 30 mm Wide overall

Products by Brand: Luminox

Like many other American success stories, Luminox came from a forward-thinking individual realizing a need available in the market and meeting it. Barry Cohen, a wristwatch industry veteran, came across a Swiss self-powered illumination system and knew that it would make watches more visible and easier to see in low or no light situations. He asked his friend Richard Timbo if he wish to join him. Luminox came to be in 1989 (Lumi is Latin for light while Nox is Latin for night), driven by a consignment to provide cutting-edge luminescence and readability with its line of high-performance sports watches.

After Luminox provided the watches into the SEALs, Luminox began marketing the same style of watch (Model 3001) in the united states together with world. As the watch gained reknown, Luminox was approached by US Air Force pilots flying the F-117 Nighthawk fighter jet in 1999 — Luminox developed a wrist watch of these pilots after which contacted Lockheed Martin, which converted into a unique arrangement to create Lockheed Martin timepieces.

Throughout the following two decades, Luminox has not strayed from its mission and this happens to be confirmed and validated because of the many elite military and law enforcement units that have adopted Luminox because their own private “standard equipment”. The person from the street has revealed particular desire for Luminox, figuring rightly that if Luminox may be trusted to produce a watch to be used by Navy SEAL on critical night missions, then its watches have to be able to stand up to everyday use.

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