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Woman’s Watches-Ideal Gift for Your Wife or Girlfriend

A gift from the heart would surely brighten up even the darkest days. You don’t have to spend a fortune but simply let someone know you are caring about them. If you are shopping for a surprise gift for that special someone, a nice classy watch can be your first choice. It is a great gift that never looks cheap and you are easy to read. Of course, a beautiful profitable watch won’t cost you thousands of dollars.

Woman's Watches-Ideal Gift for Your Wife or Girlfriend

If you are going to buy in your local jewelry store you have a great advantage of checking the watch up close. Make sue you do. If it has a second hand hold the watch to your ear and make sure the ticking is consistent. That is one sign of high quality. Ask questions of the jeweler. Find out if it’s easy to remove links, if the watch is water resistant. Ask for suggestions but beware of efforts to up-sell.

A few things to look for

The weight of the watch can be useful. Pick it up and feel how heavy it is. Compare it to other similar watches. If a watch feels lighter than it should be then it’s likely that the links aren’t solid. The links could be made partly of plastic or be hollowed out. This means you could be buying a flimsy watch.

The color is a personal issue. Does your wife/girlfriend have a favorite color outfit she likes to wear? Little things like this can be the difference between buying a watch and buying a gift. Maybe a colored face plate or strap that matches would go well. Remember though that if you are buying a gold plated watch that it’s not too thin a coating. Personally I would avoid gold watches unless you are spending a few hundred dollars. Cheap coating can ruin a watch over time. One indicator is if it’s only plated on the front.

Woman's Watches-Ideal Gift for Your Wife or Girlfriend

If you are buying online look up the watch on amazon and the likes, do it even if your not. You can find valuable reviews from other buyers that can give you some ideas of how good the watch is. Read plenty of reviews and try to take everything that was said in.

Finally, make sure if your lady is the gadget type take interest in solar watches such as the citizen brand or buy an automatic watch only. These things are not necessary to some ladies but as far as I am concerned, a few ladies would get a kick out of them.

I hope my article will help you more or less and I hope you can find a perfect gift from the bottom of my heart.

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